We cultivate respect
for the environment to
ensure a sustainable future

We have over 2500 hectares in South Africa and Peru, complete with processing and packing plants.

Operations in Argentina and Uruguay complement our fresh fruit portfolio to ensure a wide range of supply for all varieties.

Freshness and quality
straight from the farm

Our farms are located in unique spots where climatology, autochthonous flora and fauna protection, and sustainable farming techniques give our fruit exceptional flavour and qualities.

Freshness and quality
straight from the farm

Produce is processed and packed in plants near the farms, shortening journey times and guaranteeing the utmost freshness.
Our experience and logistics capacity means we can guarantee quality supply to all international markets in the shortest possible time.

South Africa

1250 hectares of citrus production.
The farms and packing plants are in close proximity, located in Sunday's River Valley.


1300 hectares of citrus, grape, and avocado production.

The orchards are located in Chepén and Chincha provinces, each with a processing and packing plant.

Argentina and Uruguay

Our partners produce and supply quality citrus fruit for us, complementing our sales offer.