Leading producer of citrus fruit,
grapes, and avocados
in the Southern Hemisphere.

“Our success results from being
passionate about what we do”

We specialise in citrus fruit, grapes, and avocados that we grow and ship
from South Africa, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay.

We use agricultural practices that respect the environment and promote societal well-being. In addition, we build sustainability into each supply chain link so that our consumers can enjoy premium quality and freshness.

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From field to table

Our vertical integration means we can control quality at all stages of each process. We are attentive to every detail from cultivation right through to the end consumer, complying with the strictest quality requirements.


Expert technicians continuously research new varieties of fresh fruit and suitable agricultural practices to obtain the best quality, the latest technology for fruit packaging, or the most appropriate marketing methods for our customers.


Our farms are located in ideal regions in each country for producing each crop, enabling us to offer a wide range of varieties with exquisite flavour and exceptional quality.


We have lengthy experience in fresh fruit sales and logistics management. Our customer-centric model and multi-origin sourcing allows us to offer a diversified portfolio, thus reducing potential supply breakdown.


Our packing plants are equipped with the latest machinery and are located in close proximity to the farms where the fruit is grown, thus optimising its conservation and transport conditions.



We began to operate as a horticultural production and processing company.


First export of fresh fruit from Argentina to Europe.


San Miguel expanded its citrus fruit business and began operating in Uruguay.


It commences operations in the Sunday's River Valley, South Africa. Opened its first commercial office in Port Elizabeth and acquired its first farm, Riverbend.


With head offices in Argentina, Uruguay, and South Africa, it has become one of the Southern Hemisphere's leading citrus fruit exporter.


It acquires Peru-based company Agrícola Hoja Redonda, specialising in the production of mandarins, grapes, and avocados on its farms in Chepén and Chincha provinces.


San Miguel South Africa launches Thudana Citrus, a BEE Venture that seeks to include the community in a shared ownership scheme.


Citri&Co acquires San Miguel's operations in South Africa and Peru and the marketing of fresh fruit from Argentina and Uruguay.


The fresh fruit company starts operating under its new name, SAFRESCO. With our continued focus on growing our fresh fruit business, Safresco is able to expedite integration into the wider commercial channels available within the group and continue to service existing customers to the highest standards.

Our values

Respect for the environment

Minimising the impact of our activity on the ecosystem.


From developing new varieties and farming practices in the field to the end consumer.


Based on quality and continuous improvement, adapting to what consumers want.


Working with our suppliers and customers to promote teamwork among our staff and theirs.


Fostering ethical, responsible, and transparent behaviour.